Instructional Resources

Information and resources for six instructional days

Lesson Plan Format

CReST support curriculum for the Italian Renaissance. A six-day instructional support curriculum designed with three threads: 1) STEM content, 2)  modular experiential learning, 3) Historical context focused on great thinkers.
Instructional Resources. School division learning management systems are utilized to implement the CReST daily curriculum and assessments. Schools are provided with all the required materials to facilitate experiential learning through kits.  

Instructional materials for CReST support curriculum: A. Plug-and-play learning modules and teacher support materials using the Schoology platform, B. Experiential learning kits designed to complement the curriculum assuming no additional infrastructure.

Day 3 and 4 Preparing and Painting Fresco. Fresco is a painting technique in which a dispersion of aqueous pigments are applied to a thin layer of fresh, lime plaster. The pigments used to paint the interior of the dome in the city of Firenze are also used to paint the student fresco. The pigments are sold at Zecchi’s, just a few blocks away from the Dome in Firenze.